ANDO MUSEUM and Minamidera

If you’re a fan of Tadao Ando’s architecture, Naoshima will be your dream island. As I wrote previously, both the Chichu Museum and the Lee Ufan museum are designed by him. And there’s another place you shouldn’t miss: the ANDO MUSEUM. The other two museums are in the museum area, but, the ANDO MUSEUM is in Honmura, the old part of the town. This area has a very nostalgic feel in general and the ANDO MUSEUM is perfectly blending into the environment. From outside, it looks like a stylishly renovated Japanese style house. Inside of the house, Ando’s concrete design is applied while partially keeping original wooden structure. Again natural light comes through to give some depth to the small space. Ando’s drawings, sketches, and models are displayed inside. 直島は、安藤忠雄のファンにとって夢のような場所になるでしょう。以前書いたとおり、地中美術館、李禹煥美術館の両方とも安藤忠雄による設計です。見逃してはならないのが、ANDO MUSEUM。先述の2館は美術館エリアにありますが、こちらは古い街並みが残る本村にあります。懐かしさ漂う本村にぴたっり馴染んだ美術館。外観は、スマートに改装された日本家屋です。屋内は、元々の木の構造を生かしながら安藤らしいコンクリートの設計になっています。ここでも自然光を取り入れ、狭い空間に奥行きを与えています。安藤のドローイング、スケッチ、モデルなどが展示されています。

If you’re in this area, I recommend a visit to Minamidera to see James Turrell’s Backside of the Moon. I shouldn’t write too much about it not to spoil your experience. The experience is quite mind blowing. It’ll be best for you try without being informed of much.
本村にいるなら、ぜひ南寺にあるジェームズ・タレルのBackside of the Moonも鑑賞してみてください。どのような作品かはあまり触れないでおこうと思います。衝撃的な作品ですので、前情報なしで鑑賞するのが一番でしょう。

Minamidera is a part of the Art House Project. Traditional Japanese buildings are renovated and used to exhibit art works in this project. For example in Go’o Shrine, which has been worshipped from the Edo period, serves as a home for an installation by Hiroshi Sugimoto, the acclaimed photographer. As the title “Appropriate” says, this work presents the appropriate backdrop to welcome the god. I felt the almost claustrophobic experience of the corridor leads to the stone chamber in the basement was a sort of pilgrimage. When you get out from there, you’ll see the wonderful landscape of the sea, that’s almost like a painting.

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