The Former Residence of the Maeda Family 旧前田家本邸

During the Tokyo Heritage Week, I visited the former residence of the Maeda family in Meguro. This building consists of a Tudor style building and a Japanese style house. Unfortunately the Tudor style one is closed for renovation till early next year so I got to see the Japanese one only.

Apparently the western building and the Japanese building are connected through a corridor. But there’s a grand gate around the Japanese building.

Built in 1930, this shoinzukuri style Japanese house was used mainly to entertain guests. When you get inside, you’d first notice the main hall. It features chigaidana, the staggered shelves, as well as beautiful openwork on ranma, the transom. Their family crest Unebachimon is applied to these decorations.

The ground floor is open to the public throughout the year, while the first floor is closed normally. During the Tokyo Heritage Week, upstairs was open to the public too. The rooms seemed simpler than downstairs, but it was lovely to see the garden from there. The wide staircase was gorgeous too.

I’d love to come back to this house when the western building is open again next year to see the combination of western and Japanese styles of architecture.

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