Mumbai street walk ムンバイ街歩き

When my husband and I visit a new place, we make sure to walk and see things with our own eyes. In Mumbai, we were absolutely shocked by the traffic when we started walking about. We had experienced crazy chaotic traffic in Hanoi before. But the traffic in Mumbai seemed to be on a different level. It was just utter chaos, while the one in Hanoi was organised chaos. Cars never seem to stop or follow traffic lights. Cars, trucks, motorbikes, pedestrians, and cows are all jumbled up.

We somehow managed to cross roads and started walking following a path recommended by the Lonely Planet guidebook. We noticed that the overall atmosphere of the city was quite relaxing despite the chaotic traffic somehow. As we walked Mahtma Gandhi Road, we saw Elephinstone College, University of Mumbai and Rajabai Clock as well as ramshackle colourful buildings from the British ea and lovely building with some art-decor twists.
どうにか道を渡り、Lonely Planet(ガイドブック)お薦めのルートに沿って歩き始めました。交通状況は酷いものですが、どういうわけか街全体にのんびりした雰囲気が漂っています。マハトマ・ガンディー・ロードに沿って歩くと、エルフィンストーン大学、ムンバイ大学、ラジャバイ時計台、また植民地時代に建てられた古くてカラフルな建物やアールデコ調の素敵な建物が目に入ってきました。

The one I liked is New India Assurance Company Building. 下の建物が私の気に入ったニューインディア保険会社の建物です。


As we approached to the St. Thomas Cathedral Church, we saw something we never seen anywhere else before. People were playing cricket on the road. The road was a bit quieter than the crazy main road, but still cars were driving through one after another. So playing cricket there seemed almost suicidal to us…but they seemed to have lots of fun.

Finally we reached to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus station. The building reminded me of The St. Pancras Renaissance London hotel. We got inside to get away from the hustle and bustle around the station, which turned out to be a mistake as inside was also crazy busy…We live in the heart of Tokyo, a metropolitan known for intense rush hour trains…still what we saw in Mumbai was quite shocking. Personally somehow I liked the gap between the beautiful building reminded us of England and the chaos in the city.

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus station/チャトラパティ・シヴァージー・ターミナス駅

IMG_3968Its interior is gorgeous too. 内装も豪華。IMG_3971

Now I’m showing couple of photos that I took while walking about. 歩きながら撮った写真をいくつか載せます。IMG_3932

Colourful cars. 車もカラフル。IMG_3929.JPG

Trees are crazy too. 木もスゴイ。


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