For art lovers visiting Mumbai ムンバイを訪れるアート好きの方々へ

As modern art lovers, my husband and I were excited about visiting the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai. It’s a small museum and maybe we were just unlucky, but unfortunately the works they displayed that time didn’t impress us.

On the contrary, we had a great time in the Prince of Wales Museum also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya.

First of all, the architecture of the building itself was impressive. Especially the main lobby that rises a dorm with the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture.
まず、博物館自体の建築が素晴らしいのです。特に、正面ロビー。 インド・サラセン様式を取り入れたドームが吹き抜けになっています。IMG_3860

Built in early 20th century, this museum boasts an extensive collection from ancient Indian sculptures and Buddha statues to decorative artworks, paintings and textiles.
The property has a lovely garden with palm trees and several Buddha statues including the following.

There were many paintings based on stories about the Hindu god Krishna and Vishnu. It was really interesting to read the stories, some of them are quite crazy. Like the following painting:

I found one painting titled The escapes of Rani Rupmati with Bajbahadur which is based on a love story like Romeo and Juliet. The story is like this. One day, Baz Bahadur was hunting far from his home, he heard beautiful singing voice. He followed the voice and found beautiful Rupmati and fell in love with first sight.

The textile section was quite educating and very interesting too. As in the statement “Cloth is our second skin, our first home out of the womb”, textiles are very important in Indian culture. Here, different decorative patterns were displayed and each meaning was explained.

So if you’re in Colaba, spare several hours to visit this museum! It’s great to hide from the heat and chaos and get to know more about this exotic culture.

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