The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai

To attend our friends’ wedding celebrations (see previous posts) in Mumbai, we stayed in the financial area as it was close to the wedding venue. But it would have taken about 1 hour to get to the old part of the town from there. On the following day of the wedding, we changed a hotel and treated ourselves by staying at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. It’s a listed building and located opposite to the Gateway of India. ムンバイで友人の結婚を祝うため(前回の投稿をご参照)、私たちは会場に近い金融街に泊まりました。でも、そこから古い町並みの残る地区に行くには一時間程度かかります。そのため結婚式の翌日はホテルを変え、自分たちへのご褒美としてタージマハル・パレス・ホテルに泊まりました。歴史的建造物で、インド門の正面にあります。

The hotel consists of two buildings: The Taji Mahal Palace and the Tower built in 1903 and 1973, respectively. We stayed in the Palace part and were very happy with our gorgeous room. Indian, Islamic and Asian elements are perfectly blended into the elegant architecture. We were especially impressed with the staircase in the Palace building. It was really colourful yet elegant and grand. Even if you don’t stay in the hotel, you can go and see the staircase so I recommend a visit!

This hotel has 11 restaurants, a pool, spa and many shops and it seemed possible just to immerse ourselves inside of the hotel hiding away from the heat and chaos. As yoga practitioner, experiencing yoga in India was one of my dreams and it came true in the spa. The biggest difference from what I experience in Japan was that the teacher placed a lot more emphasis on the philosophy part, less on the asana (movement). He spent about half of the lesson on meditation and shavasana and he was constantly talking (mainly explaining about how humans are part of the universe) during meditation and shavasana, which helped our concentration level a lot. I felt what it was like to unify mind and body for the first time in my life.

So the hotel is in the heart of the busy area and when you take one step out, chaos is waiting for you. As we were knackered after the wedding shenanigans, walking through the hustle and bustle worn us out. So the hotel seemed like an oasis. We were planning to go out again, but when we sat down at Aquarius, the outdoor restaurant around the pool, just for beer, we thought having meal there wasn’t actually a bad idea. It’s an outdoor restaurant indeed, but somehow it was very tranquil. Looking at the sunset sky while listening to some traditional live music, we managed to chill out in the heart of the crazy city. In front of us, a kitchen counter was set up and chefs were preparing for some BBQ meals, which looked irresistible. They actually tasted as good as they looked.

Overall we felt we were somewhere else when being inside of this massive luxurious resort hotel. It was a nice indulging experience indeed and taught us the gap between the rich and the poor was a lot more we expected.

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