Indian wedding 2 インドの結婚式 2

Indian wedding is hardcore. Well at least the one my husband and I witnessed was. As I wrote in the previous post, our friends’ wedding party lasted till midnight. That was Day 1. On the following day, their maharashtrian wedding was held. We were asked to get ready by 9 am to get on the coach to go to the venue. Most of the guests visiting outside of India were staying in the same hotel. And most of the female guests planned to wear saree, so dressers were supposed to come to the hotel and help us out. I woke up early and went to the room where ladies gathered at about 8 pm. But the dressers weren’t there yet. We were worried that we’d be late for the ceremony. Eventually they turned up and we all got ready, but I think we got to the venue at least one hour later than planned.

If we were late for any official gathering in Japan for over one hour, I’d rather not go. It’s just so embarrassing to be so late in my culture. But Indians were so chilled out, people just turned up whenever they wanted to.

I was really impressed with all the colours and decorations of the venue. People dressed up in traditional clothes in different colours and the whole space looked like a film set. The bride and gloom and their parents were on the stage and priests were chanting something in Hindu. As we sat down, the venue staff put turban on us. Apparently the turban was to show respect for guests who made extra efforts to attend the wedding.

Meanwhile on the stage, the registrars were continuously chanting. We didn’t understand anything, but it was quite nice to hear that. It was almost meditative music. Occasionally the bride and bloom exchanged words. Then a small table was set in front of them and the gloom let the bride wear a necklace.

Now the chairs they were sitting were taken away and they sat down on the floor. The table was still in front of them and ghee was poured to make small fire. After exchanging some words, they put some grass looking stuff into the fire. When the fire got a bit bigger, they stood up, put more things like pieces of paper and walked around the fire holding hands. Then couple’s siblings pulled their ears somehow.

Now the table with fire was put away and a cloth with seven fresh flowers and leaves each was placed on the floor. Now 7 vows were supposed to be made here. The couple exchanged a vow as they take each step. Now The priest said some words in Hindu. Then she repeated them (turned out to be some celebratory words) in English and asked the guests to follow her and say them loud. In this way, we all participated in the wedding.

Basically now the ritual part was done and lunch was served. We enjoyed a buffet style of all sorts of amazing local food. The venue was in a cricket field so we got to see people playing the game while eating.

I think this part of the celebration finished in early afternoon. We went back to the hotel at about 3pm, had some rest and went out again. The last part of the celebration was a cocktail party. Lots of food and booze were served. And of course more Bollywood dance followed. People formed a circle and one after another they danced in their own style in the centre of the circle. It was such an AMAZING day full of love, excitement and new experiences. Definitely once in a life time experience!

I’ll write about the sites we visited in Mumbai in the next post. 次回はムンバイで訪れた場所について書きたいと思います。


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