Indian wedding 1 インドの結婚式 1

With only few months left in 2017, I’ve been organising photos I’ve taken this year and thought I should talk about our trip to Mumbai before I forget.

So My husband and I were invited to our friends’ Hindu style wedding there at the very end of last year and we stayed there few more days after the wedding.

The wedding was mind-blowing. It  was once in a life time experience. Traditionally Indian wedding last over several days apparnetly. But in our friend’s case, because the gloom is not Indian, they decided to go for a bit simplified version. Still the wedding celebration went on for two days.

The first day was basically a party in the evening. It was supposed to be full of Bollywood dance and guests were asked to practice some special dance movement to a cheesy Indian song in advance. At the party, while men would be drinking and mingling, the bride and the female guests would get some Henna tatoo done and everyone was supposed to dance together after.

Unfortunately my husband couldn’t take a day off to fly the day before the first wedding party. So we decided to take the early morning flight on the day and head to the party venue directly from the airport when we get to Mumbai. Theoretically we would have made it on time as our flight was early in the morning and the flight duration was only about 10 hours. But due to endless visa assessment at the airport, by the time we got there, the special dance with everyone was already finished. We missed the bride and gloom’s first dance too and I was gutted.

But people continued dancing hard to super cheesy Indian songs, and I managed to get Henna tattoo done. The Henna tattooist used a pen-type tube with Henna paste and quickly painted some flower patterns from my index finger through the back of my hands to wrists. I think she got them done in about 5-10 minutes and told me to stay still till they are dry. Some people had the tatoo on their all fingers, palms and arms. Bride’s tatoo was amazing – her hands and arms were covered with it and she got her feet done too. Her design was really fine and delicate.

The party went on till about midnight. The venue was really colourful and cheerful Indian dance music was played. It was surreal that we were in Tokyo less than 24 hours ago and now we were in Mumbai dancing with lots of Indians…I’ll write about the Hindu ritual held on the following day in the next post.

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