Artist in residence in Connecticut, U.S. コネチカット州のアーティスト・イン・レジデンス

Couple of months ago, I had a chance to visit an artist-in-residence site in East Haddam, Connecticut. Apparently if you drive from central NYC, it takes only about 2 hours to get there. But it took me about 3.5 hours on the train from Grand Central just to get to the closest train station. From there to the site was another 30 minute drive. The whole journey seemed endless, but it was worth visiting there.

It was my first experience to see modern art in such a remote place. And I was fascinated by how modern art has blended into big nature. こんな僻地で現代アートを鑑賞したのは初めてのことです。私は、現代アートが大自然の中に溶け込んでいる様子に魅了されました。

The site is run by I-park foundation and they organise different kinds of artist-in-residence programs throughout the year. They are fully supportive. In some of their residency programmes, artists are paid to participate. They don’t expect you to pay for materials even. I was surprised to see they prepare meals during the week even. The founders of I-Park Raul Crispino and Joanne Paradis do provide perfect environment for artists to make whatever they’d like to. It’s obvious they’re passionate about art and put their artists first.
この場所を運営しているのは、I-park foundationで、一年を通じて様々な種類のアーティストインレジデンスを提供しています。アーティストたちを全面的にサポートしており、一部のプログラムではアーティストたちに資金を提供します。アーティストたちが自腹をきってマテリアルを調達するということもありません。平日は毎日食事の提供もあるとのことに、驚きました。I-Park創設者のラウル・クリスピーノとジョアン・パラディスは、アーティストたちが望むものを制作できるよう、最適な環境を提供しています。2人ともアートに情熱を注ぎ、滞在するアーティストのことを第一に考えてくれます。

The property owned by I-Park foundation is vast and full of nature. I went there to see their biennale and it must have taken 2-3 hours to see 12 works (lots of walking involved!). You can easily get lost in the deep forests and encounter wild deers even. Interesting shapes of trees and leaves do look like artworks themselves. Within the property, some site-specific works by artists who did the residency in the past are still kept here and there. They have become part of the environment and it’s just lovely walking around them.
I-park Foundationの敷地は非常に広く、素晴らしい自然に溢れています。ちょうどビエンナーレが開催されている時期に行ったのですが、12点の作品を見るのに、2〜3時間かかったはずです(かなり歩きました)。森の奥深くでは迷い易く、野生の鹿に遭遇することもあります。面白い形の木や葉は、そこに存在するだけで芸術のよう。過去にアーティスト・イン・レジデンスのプログラムで滞在したアーティストによるサイトスペシフィックな作品が敷地の中に点在しています。それらの作品は環境の一部と化しており、散歩するだけでも楽しめます。

I loved everything about this site and the only downside would be the insects. When I was inside of their building, I heard some noise like drizzle. I thought it was weird as it wasn’t raining, and it turned out they were poo of caterpillars!! Actually I did see every single leaf in the forests was full of them…but didn’t realise they were so many…well at least they don’t do much harm. Ticks were the worst. They were everywhere and some of the artists who were there got bitten by them. (They were ok though.)

Having said that, you’d certainly stop minding them thanks to the charm of this space after a short while. This place is definitely a wondreful working space for artists to concentrate on their practice.


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