MA in interpreting/translation 通翻訳の修士課程

I’ve been writing only about art and traveling recently so today I’d like to write about interpreting. しばらくアートと旅行に関する投稿が続いたので、今日は通訳について書こうと思います。
Interpreting is all about training. Where to receive the training depends on your choice. Most people seem to choose to go to a school. There are several famous ones in Japan such as Simul, Congre, ISS and Inter School. Most of the schools are temp agencies specialised in translation and interpreting services, and apparently graduates have practical supports to start their career as translator/interpreter. Some of my colleagues have started working for my company while they’re still on the course apparently. 通訳は、トレーニングが全てです。どこでトレーニングを受けるかは、人それぞれ。日本には、サイマル、コングレ、ISS、インタースクールなどの有名な学校が存在します。これらの学校の多くは通翻訳の派遣会社を兼ねていることが多く、卒業生は通訳・翻訳者としてのキャリアをスタートさせるためのサポートを受けられるそう。私の同僚もある学校に在籍中、声をかけられてうちの会社で働くことになったとか。
Others including myself decide to take a bit different approach – study Masters courses in translation/interpreting. As far as I know, Japanese universities are behind western ones when it comes to this subject. Probably this is because the above mentioned schools have had strong presence in the market.
I was very glad that I did the MA degree in the UK. I’m not sure if writing the paper has helped my career, but the whole experience did change my life completely and helped me build mental strength, which is important to work as an interpreter. The course lasted only a year, so we all studied intensively. Sadly the English – Japanese course that I took was abolished couple of years ago. The European and Chinese ones are still attracting many students and as far as I know quite many European graduates now work for the UN and EU.
Another good thing about doing MA in interpreting/translation abroad is that you may be able to gain some working experience after completing the course. In my case, in total I spent 5 years in England and worked for local companies. It was such a precious opportunity to work with people from the world and experience a real work life in the UK.
By the way, one of my professors now teaches translation at the Centre for Translation Studies University of London. She’s going to hold trial lessons in Tokyo on Sunday 22nd October. She’ll be attending the Study UK Fair on Sunday 21st October too so if any of you’re interested in the course, or even studying English-Japanese translation in the UK, I highly  recommend a visit!
ところで私の担当教授の一人が、現在はUniversity of College London (UCL)のCentre for Translation Studiesで翻訳を教えていらっしゃいます。10月22日(日)に、東京で模擬レッスンをされるそうです。また、前日 の21日(土)には英国留学フェアにも出席されるとか。もし英国で翻訳を勉強することに関心のある方は、ぜひ足を運んでみてください!

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