Kameyama Triennale – Around Henjouji

As I wrote in the previous article, I felt that the community of Kameyama seemed very supportive of the triennale. What amazed me was that even a temple was used to exhibit works. The temple is called Henjouji.

In this temple with centuries of history, two big paintings are exhibited. Amazingly they go very well with the magnificent interior of the temple, even with a Buddha statue from the 12th century. The artist Hiroyuki Kitamura has depicted tranquillity before a battle and chaos after apparently. Indeed the paintings show dramatic contrast. As we’re heading into dark times and the world faces the greatest threat of world war since the world war 2, can a religion provide a solution? Why do humans keep fighting wars?  The paintings reminded me of this controversial issue.

There is a wonderful assemblage of stone Buddha statues. 外には、素晴らしい石仏群が。IMG_6546

The following photos show works exhibited in old houses. 次に紹介するのは、古民家に展示された作品です。

The first artist is Irika Amano. She has used wires to make a plant-like installation and placed it in the veranda of the house.

The other artists, Urabe Sayaka has hung installation with supposedly ceramic objects from a sunroof.

Both installations give quite soft and playful impression and are well blended into the backdrop.

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