Kameyama Triennale – city centre 

Today, I’d like to write about some art works that I saw in the town centre of Kameyama. There are many reasons why I liked Kameyama and one of the reasons is its town centre. It’s rather small shopping arcade has tiny old-school shops, which are used as venue to exhibit works. In some shops, the shop owners passionately talk about works exhibited in their space.

Takenouchi Yuta’s work was one of my favourites in this area. Basically this installation is made with stacked ceramic blocks. It has a bold and powerful presence, and at the same time gives quite a soft impression. I felt the blocks were endlessly expanding into the space while creating a small universe. Taking a closer look, you realise that the blocks have two holes on each side so that they can be joined together. I assume these blocks can be formed into various shapes to go with different environment. I wonder how different these blocks would look in other exhibitions.

Another work that I was impressed is Hisatsugu Naitoh’s Nokoriga (remained self). At a glance, the floor is neatly covered with a number of small quartz balls. Apparently the artist has used deodorant beads. It’s a great way to use everyday materials. The venue is a house which hasn’t been used for decades. Apparently the artist felt there were some remaining features of the previous resident in the house and he was trying to bring it out. The house itself is really normal and plain space. Interestingly, with the deodorant beads, which are supposed to get rid of what’s remained there, the whole space seems to have invigorated the space and turned it into something special.

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