Kameyama Triennale – around the castle tower

As I wrote couple of days ago, Yagura the tower of the castle is the symbol of the city apparently. Around the Yagura, several artists have displayed their works.

Linda Dennis is one of them. She’s an associate professor at Joshibi University of Art And Design and recently she’s been using fishing nets. She literally spends hours knitting the nets herself. This time she’s placed a big installation with the nets and placed just behind the Yagura. It looked like a bell and was blending into the background with historical architecture. I visited there on a beautiful sunny day, so the shadow of the structured added more charm to it.

And below the castle, Sam Stocker‘s installation is placed. He normally uses natural colour of materials, but this time he’s a bit more playful and has applied a Moser lamp and colourful wooden plates. He got an inspiration from Gate of Hell, the very first colour film by Teinosuke Kinugasa who is from Kameyama and decide to add colour. People can crawl into the installation and enjoy the little hide-out. On the front panel, there’s concrete on a blue sheet, which has an impression of an abstract painting.

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