Kameyama Triennale – Kato-ke 2 

In Kato-ke’s property, there’s a stable and space looks like a warehouse, which has two great works.

One is Eisuke Oooka‘s video installation as in the cover image. He got inspiration from arranged marriage, which was very common till few decades ago and still happens sometimes in Japan. Combined with ambient music, this slightly ghostly video shows layered movements of human figure. It’s a bit spine-chilling, but somehow you end up gazing at it.

In the next room, there’s Haruka Yamada’s Sundial. The room is quite dark so when a ray of light comes in, the dial face and the inside of the room become visible. She says this is to show irreplaceability of the space. I liked the idea of emphasising irreplaceability of this house with centuries of history in this subtle way. The work will look different depending on the weather condition and capturing something temporary and ephemeral has some similarities in Japanese concept of aesthetics.


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