Town of wood 木の街

I’ve visited another art festival this weekend. This time it’s the Kameyama Trienniale. Hosted by Kameyama cit near Nagoya in west Japan, the triennale features young promising artists. Some non-Japanese artists have taken part in the exhibition.

Kameyama is about 400 km away from Tokyo. With Shinkansen, it’ only about 3 hours from the capital. It’s a quite small town with only about 50,000 residents.

The city used to be a castle town of Kameyama Castle during the Edo era. The main part has been moved to Henjouji in the city, but Yagura (tower), gates and a moat have been preserved. This Yagura is a symbol of the city now.

The city had three post stations of Tokaido, the main road running through the middle part of Japan, during the Edo era. Along the former Tokaido road near Kameyama station, some historic wooden houses and buildings are preserved. In a different part of the city, there’s beautifully kept houses called Kato-ke and Tachi-ke. Katoke used to be owned by a Samurai, while the family of Tachike was merchant. I love both houses, Kato-ke’s main residence features beautiful ceiling with big bold pillars. Tachike has two gorgeous tea rooms and a lovely garden.

Unfortunately I couldn’t visit famous Seki-juku with over 200 historical buildings left,  but it was just lovely walking around the Kameyama station, spotting many wooden buildings. I felt again that I had another time travel back to centuries ago.

I’ll start writing about works exhibited at the triennale in the next post.








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