Biennales and triennales in Japan 日本におけるビエンナーレ、トリエンナーレ

Autumn is special season for Japanese. There is even a Japanese idiom that means autumn is the best season for different things such as reading, eating, art and sports. 

After summer, which is normally unbearably hot and humid, autumn is really pleasant time of the year. It’s not too hot or cold. It’s not painful anymore to stay outside and do some sports indeed.  

I’d like to talk about art today. So in the past few years, more and more biennales and triennales have been held both in cities and rural areas in Japan. As I wrote in this article, Yokohama triennale is on now. Other than that, there’s Sapporo International Art Festival. If you go there, I’d recommend a visit to the beautiful Sapporo Art Park. Sapporo Art Museum within the park hosts Christian Marclay’s and walking in the sculpture garden is absolutely lovely. I loved the view behind lovely Antony Goamley’s Shaft 2 as in the photo.

The Nakanojo biennnale in Gunma has opened last week. As it marks its 10th year, they seem to have quite many participants this time too. It takes less than 3 hours to get to the town from central Tokyo, but you will be welcomed by amazing nature and wonderful hot spring

Finally the Kameyama triennnale in Mie prefecture is opening in the following weekend. Apparently it’s featuring young promising artists. Kameyama used to be one of the post stations during Edo era and the architecture from that time remains still. It would be nice to combine a visit to the triennale and Sekijuku where you can see what the town was like.



今日は芸術について書きたいと思います。ここ数年間、日本の都市部や郊外でも、ますますビエンナーレやトリエンナーレが開催されています。先日ブログ記事に書いたように、現在横浜トリエンナーレが開催中です。その他にも、札幌国際芸術祭が開催中。もし足を運ぶことがあれば、札幌芸術の森がおすすめです。芸術の森美術館には、クリスチャン・マークリーの展覧会が開催されており、野外美術館の散策は本当に素敵です。個人的には、写真に映ったアントニー・ゴームリーのShaft 2の背後からの眺めが大変気に入りました。




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