It’s never too late to be an interpreter

It was my professor who said the line when I was doing the Master’s degree in interpreting and translation. She said that it was ok to do something else after graduation because experience and knowledge in different areas would eventually help working as an interpreter.

Now I think what she said was really true. Sometimes speakers say random things during meetings. For example, the other day at work, a person that I was interpreting for said “like Damien Hirst’s artwork”. The remark seemed a bit out of context.

I know who Damien Hirst is because I love art and have done interpreting and translation in this area. So I immediately got what the speaker meant in that context. However, the Japanese people who were listening to the speaker didn’t know who he was and looked confused.

This is just one example of many that made me feel random knowledge as well as previous working experiences help interpreting. Reading books, going to exhibitions, ceramics and yoga are just my hobbies but I do feel what I learn from them can help my work too. I guess this is the same for other jobs.






2 thoughts on “It’s never too late to be an interpreter”

  1. 面白いポストをどうもありがとうございます。通訳の仕事は大変そうですが、応援しています。というかうらやましいです。通訳は、バイトとして何回もしたことがありますが、まったく素人です。どうぞよろしくお願いします。

    1. コメントありがとうございます!貴重なご意見をいただけて、とても嬉しいです。

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