Why don’t we have a bath in a train station? 駅の中で温泉はいかが? 


Japanese people are known for their love for hot spring. We are said to be more shy and reserved compared to western people. However when it comes to hot spring, we don’t mind being completely naked in front of others and share a big bath with random people.

So hot springs are everywhere when you’re away from big cities in Japan. Here, you can actually enjoy hot spring inside of a station.The station is called Hottoyuda and it means “hot water”. This is a gateway of Yuda onsen area in this tiny town in Iwate Prefecture.

My mother is from this area and me and my sister were taken to this small local hot spring when we were small. I recall it was strange to feel that we were enjoying hot spring inside of a train station, but thought everything else was normal.

If you happen to be in a very remote area in up north, and if you have the time to get on a very small train (has only one carriage) that departs only every couple of hours from Kitakami the closest Shinkansen station, check this out. There are quite a few normal hot spring places around here and even though it’s really far out, you can see real Japanese countryside. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful and people here will welcome you with heartwarming hospitality.





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