Light on Yoga ライト・オン・ヨガ

It’s been said simultaneous interpreters tend to live shorter than translators. I don’t know if this is scientifically proven, but personally this might be true. It’s just simultaneous interpreting is so draining. We listen, think and translate from one language to a different one, and speak that out clearly, and all of them are happening at the same time.

Because of this stress to my brain, I find it extremely difficult to switch off and relax. I used to have nightmares every night. They are horrific, often they are about war, massacre, concentration camps although I never experienced such terrible things myself. Weirdly, I have the nightmares in one language and simultaneously interpret that into a different language. It’s like you watch a film and realise you end up simultaneously interpreting it.

So I really needed to do something to switch off. That’s why I started doing yoga and thankfully it worked for me. I do quite a hardcore style of yoga so I can just focus on breathing and practicing poses and stop simultaneously interpret whatever I hear.

As I practice yoga, I became interested in the philosophy part of yoga too and bought Light on Yoga written by the yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar. I love the way the master explains about how the mind of yoga practitioner should be. Just reading these words seem to clear my mind. Some of the poses he introduces are crazy and he doesn’t seem to have bones even. But still what’s important is the mind to challenge yourself and you can eventually control your mind by practicing every day. Beginners may be overwhelmed by some of the pages with hardcore poses, but this book will allow you to learn yoga step by step. What’s important is to practice even just for 30 minutes every day.




ヨガを行うにつれヨガ哲学にも興味を抱き、ヨガマスターであるアイアンガーの著書Light on Yoga を読み始めました。筆者によるヨガの実践者の心はどうあるべきかの説明が大変気に入っています。こうした言葉を読むだけで、すっきりした気持ちになります。紹介されているポーズにはクレイジーなものもあり、筆者が柔軟すぎて骨がないように見えることもあります。しかし、重要なのは自分に挑戦し続ける心であり、毎日実践することによりやがては心をコントロールすることができます。初心者の方は、難易度の高いポーズが紹介されているページを見て圧倒されるかもしれません。でも、この本はヨガを少しずつ確実に学ぶことができます。重要なのは、毎日30分でもよいので細く長く続けること。


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